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Recipe: Pan Roasted Lamb Kidney with Pan Roasted Shallots


8 lamb kidneys
12 shallots, peeled
18ml / 2 tbsp honey
10ml / 2tsp dry mustard
150ml / 5 fl oz of champagne vinegar
250ml / 1 cup of Caliterra Sauvignon Blanc white wine
1 litre of veal stock
75g / 2.5oz of chopped chives
30ml / 2 tbsp olive oil for cooking
30ml / 2 tbsp butter for cooking
Salt and black pepper


Put the olive oil and the butter in a hot roasting pan. Add the lambs kidneys, roast on the side, then season the kidney. Remove the kidneys; add the shallots, the honey and the dry mustard. Deglaze the pan with the champagne vinegar, the white wine and the veal stock. Cook the shallots until soft. Add the chopped chives. Replace the kidneys in the sauce and reheat.

Serve the kidneys with potato rosti.

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